Constituția și regulamentul O:. M:. U:.

 “To build a future, learn from the past without remaining anchored in history.”

For the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe,
for the Glory of His Creation,
Umaniterra Masonic Order is adopting, working under, and obeying:

“The Freemason’s Constitution
of the 3rd Millennium and after

revised from the ancient and accepted, and built to serve
the Temple of Humanity’s sustainable edification.

Ordo ab Chao

“The Freemason’s Constitution of the 3-rd Millennium and after” was written having as references:

  1. The Freemason’s Constitution written by James Anderson and Jean-Theophile Desaguliers, Right Worshipful Fraternity of Accepted Free-Masons, published in 1723 (Anno Domini, AD), downloaded on May 07, 2023, from the official website for all United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) use. It was corrected for grammar and added here in Chapter 2.

  2. The edited and added version, based on the James Anderson and Jean-Theophile Desaguliers 1723 Constitution, by Benjamin Franklyn, Grand Master of Masons of Pennsylvania, in 1734 AD published by Paul Royster (editor & depositor)University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The text is partially reproduced in Chapter 3. 

  3. The factual testimonies of history are widely found in various modern publications, briefly described in Chapter 4 as provided on the public domain of the Internet by multiple authors; they may identify themselves, to which we, the readers, gratefully thank them for their contributions.

The Articles of the present Constitution will be found as Conclusions in Chapter 5. “The Constitution of the 3rd Millennium and After” was signed in 2023 AD by Dr. Adrian Ashley Toader-Williams (Ph.D.), observing 300 years since the publication of the 1st Constitution by James Anderson and Jean-Theophile Desaguliers.

The author of this cumulative work, “The Freemason’s Constitution of the 3rd Millennium and After”, is The Great Architect of the Universe, God, as He is the author of all Creation.

God works through its Creation, including living entities, etheric existence, and biological beings. That includes especially us, the human species.

“Search for wisdom as you would search for silver or hidden treasure.  Then you will understand what it means to respect and to know the Lord God. All wisdom comes from the Lord, and so does common sense and understanding. God gives helpful advice to everyone who obeys him and protects those who live as they should.
God sees that justice is done, and he watches over everyone who is faithful to him. With wisdom, you will learn what is right and honest and fair. Wisdom will control your mind, and you will be pleased with knowledge. Sound judgment and good sense will watch over you.”

(Proverbs 2:6-8, Contemporary English Version)

Moral Crises Dominate Human History

Historical accounts tell us that our overall human behavior is based on power, physical power attributed mainly to man, to his testosterone level and muscular capacity. It tells us about our ability to discover and invent things. It also tells us about our choices to use the discovered goods and our inventions to build or destroy ourselves and our environment and resources. We are cocreators and builders and have the magnificent gift of the ability to choose.

History tells us that humanity generally proved a lack of respect for real Freedom, Equality, Life in general, Creation, and the Creator of all. The Freemason fraternity is exceptionally fragile up to our days, where Liberty is limited within enclosures. A type of Freedom one has inside a prison or a colony where all must obey the rules dictated by the guards respectively, by colonizers.

The so-called “liberty” or “freedom” within a jurisdiction is a paradoxical contradiction. It is evidence of a monopole-type structure. It is a reminiscence of colonialism since the “freedom” is only within the frontiers traced by “regularity” landmarks (*1) (landmarks), all based on influence, prestige gained by material power, is based on force, and dominance in a specific territory.

Land means territory, region, terrain, and marks, meaning delimitations and therefore referring to frontiers of territory. Whoever accepts and feels good about such restrictive freedom, equality, and brotherhood is their choice. A fundamental question arises: Can we afford any more such segregation on a Planet, our Earth, our Terra that we destroy by our careless, ignorant actions?

How is it to be ignorant while being a non-ignorant freemasonry-initiated person? (AATW)

The question is, did we reach the necessary wisdom to understand that we, the humans, are one with Terra? And we all share our mother planet? Only united into one heartbeat can we maintain the heart of Terra continue biting for us, with as, for Creation, for all Life as the most precious gift of all received from our Great Architect of the Universe.

Like any other organization, as an institution, Freemasonry is a macro-organism that, as a ruling essence, has a DNA-like functioning element—the Constitution. With changing times, DNA, among its stability, has the property of adaptation to ever-changing conditions. An organism not capable of adapting will not survive the changing times. 

The Constitution aims to guide freemasonry organizations to build a strong foundation for their future into the 3rd Millennium and after. Comes as a helping guide encouraging harmonious and healthy relationships between brothers. The Freemason status is not just in the Temple or a Lodge but all the time. Therefore, rules and regulations need to be in place for the honor of freemasonry as an institution. The segregating concepts of “regularity” and “irregularity” must end, given that we all are initiated as a will and under the guidance of the Great Architect of the Universe.

It is time to come all under one common recognition and install the concept of Umaniterrism, where we all recognize that we are part of the Creation. We are Cocreators, given that The Great Architect of the Universe is working through and with His Creation to develop His Creation further.

Some say, “Such unification and uniformization will never be possible.” Let’s never say “never” once we accept that the Universe is infinite, so there’s endless possibility. There will always be opponents, the yin-yang aspect in all. This Constitution, as a proposal to be adopted by as many as possible, will be found as a solid base for the Freemason obedience that looks forward to developing sustainably. The young, the coming generations, live in the present to create the future. We all learn from the past and now in our present, but the entire purpose is to enjoy the present, building a healthy and sustainable future to ensure many more future “presents,” not just for us but for the children of our children. We borrow this world to add value to it, and we must stop stagnation or destruction to ensure adding useful plus values. We give back to this world, adapted to times, as a legacy to future generations.

Freemasons are concerned with the social and economic environment. Often, they do conduct business among themselves, not rarely involved in politics. Long overdue since 1723, such aspects are now addressed here for the 3rd millennium and after.

Brothers develop spiritually, improving themselves at a mental and spiritual level. Still, an accent must be put on the Temple of our Soul, our physical body housing and nurturing our Soul in its process of spiritual maturity. Freemason fraternities can grow better in quality and numbers if they have the potential to obtain a better personal and implicit community harvest. Such implication must not be disregarded but instead regarded as a natural and normal enterprise between people that builds trust through common spiritual and personal values. 

Sort and basic outlines
extracted from the Constitution

Ordo ab Chao

Founding Definitions and Principles

All the existence, from the farthest Galaxy to the living cell and smallest atomic particle, is the Creation of the Great Architect of the Universe, God. He is the First Architect and Constructor of all Existence, living and nonliving.

Our Planet Terra, the Earth, is the primary habitat for Life, including the human species, an integral part of God’s Architecture and Construction.

The Great Architect of the Universe, God, is the first Creator of Life, and his First Living constructions on our planet, Terra, are the living organisms, the plants, the trees, and animals.

Among the first Construction work God thought humans to do is procreation and development of the human species, and all related constructions such as crop harvesting from nature, hunting, and culture of food crops. Agriculture became a vital construction skill for the development of the human species.

The human species, the Creation of the Great Architect of the Universe, has the role of co-creators and the secondary constructors and developers of all valuable goods on the planet Earth as an inseparable ecosystem on Terra.

The Great Architect of the Universe works through his Archangels, through Humans, and synergically through their informational energy (will, choices, etc.), forming a set of egregores that takes a variety of forms and shapes as physical applications and materialize into visible tangible, living or nonliving material structures.

As cocreators and consumers of our planet Terra’s resources, the human species are responsible for our planet’s proper healthy existence, the health of Terra, and the sustainable maintenance and even development and improvement of the entire ecosystem.

Humans, as spiritual and sociable species, are the most intelligent Creation of all known on our planet, and their activity is responsible for the faith of planet Earth, regardless of whether it is done independently or as teams, organized in communities and institutions.

For their spiritual development, humans must take care of their health status as their body; their physical temple is where their Soul develops spiritually. Life is God’s most precious Architecture and Construction received as a gift from God, the Creator of all, the Architect of the Macro and Micro Universe, who gave humans the capacity to co-create, to participate in His Architecture and Construction of the Temple of Humanity.

All humans have the Gift and the Responsibility to participate in Creation by maintaining the capacity to think, educate, work, perpetuate the human species, and socially develop toward the sustainable improvement of the Temple of Humanity.

Human Rights – All humans are free from birth regardless of gender. The slavery period in history is a great embarrassment to humanity. There is not enough running water to wash away the sins behind human abuse in human history, connected to slavery and torture. Humans have a set of rights from birth and a bunch of rights achieved through merits such as native and developed personal capacity, education, character, work, the implication in social life, community, overall behavior, and achievement of the individual and moral system of values.

We are to learn from the past in our relative present to build our future for us and future generations. We are not to remain anchored in the past. Noah’s Ark saved Life, and our species brings us legendary and biblical knowledge to develop our wisdom.

Wisdom is never anchored into history, into a given status or time frame. Times are changing. Anybody can remain anchored into any time segment of human history may desire. Some may stay anchored back in history, ancient times, just as a hobby or a personal fantasy or pleasure, but not for raising children, building a community, or advancing the human species.

Wisdom is an ever-growing evolutive gift from God, wrapped carefully by God’s Archangels in the everchanging translucid time” (AATW).

The Temple of Solomon – The Legendary Solomon’s Temple, the magnificent construction built in honor of God, was high on the mountain, easily seen by all, and accessible by the brave and chosen ones. Millenniums later, The Temple of Solomon is now visible across the Globe, across all the oceans and lands of different cultures, thanks to the Information Highway, the Internet. 

The Temple of Humanity – is a tangible living reality. The Temple of Human Reality has been crumbling toward perfection for millennia as the will of the Great Architect of the Universe, God. From historical times, humans now understand that the human species has the Divine role of co-creators in the achievement of materialization of God’s Architecture. It is a turning point in human history of profound understanding of Life phenomena with its indivisible spiritual intrinsic fundaments.  

The Umaniterra Masonic Order, as a spiritual and educational institution, is organized and functions by observing the above-defined main principles.

The main articles were extracted from the Constitution and implemented by the Umaniterra Masonic Order 

Umaniterra Masonic Order is under the Divine protection of the four elements: The Ground’s Archangel Uriel, The Air’s Archangel Raphael, The Waters’ Archangel Gabriel, and The Fire’s Archangel Michael. Saint Nectarios (Nektarios) of Aegina, our spiritual guide, teaches us modesty, perseverance, endurance, tolerance, and forgiveness and helps us bring health and Peace to the World. Whoever chooses to hinder our Order’s work, member of Umaniterra or outsider, opens him or herself to the Judgment of the Great Architect of the Universe, and in due time the Truth shall prevail upon all involved, directly or indirectly.

As to reaffirm, with respect, the natural, solid fraternal bond between humans and Divine Entities, Umaniterra Masonic Order brothers and sisters observe, celebrate, and commemorate the special and Holly days of our Cultural guide and Umaniterra Spiritual Guides and Protectors, such as: 

  • The Cultural Guide of Umaniterra Masonic Order, the Romanian poet and writer Mihai Eminescu (Born January 15, 1850 – Called to the Eternal Orient on June 15, 1889) birthday is celebrated on January 15, as is also the day of Umaniterra Masonic Order proclamation. The birthday of the Umaniterra Masonic Order.
  • The commemoration day of the spiritual protectors of the Umaniterra Masonic Order, the Archangels of the four elements: the Ground element, Archangel Uriel; the Air element, Archangel Raphael; the Waters element, Archangel Gabriel; and the Fire element, Archangel Michael, November 8.
  • The commemoration of the spiritual guide of the Umaniterra Masonic Order, Saint Nectarios (Nektarios) of Aegina (Oct 01, 1846 – Called to the Eternal Orient on November 08, 1920) is November 9.

The Umaniterra Masonic Order practices the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and the Freemasonry landmarks (*1) adapted to our times to ensure sustainable development of Universal Freemasonry and society, the Temple of Humanity.

*1- Monuments as historical landmarks need restoration and often adaptation to the evolving needs of modern times. The constitutions as landmarks of countries are changing when as is necessary. Laws and rules are changing to fit human evolution, as history and our life experiences demonstrate as being an undeniable genuine and natural necessity.

Umaniterra Masonic Order practices the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite rituals from 1st degree to the 33rd degree. Also, the Umaniterristic Ritual is in continuous development and is integrated with our Ceremonial Activities.

Jurisdiction – Given the nature of our activity and as the name of our Order suggests (Umaniterra), and to give concrete expression to the principles of Liberty, Umaniterra Masonic Order is actively present and can be present anywhere humans can put foot on, and the local laws allow Umaniterra activity.

The Umaniterra Masonic Order is a worldwide sovereign federation with National and District Grand Lodges that share a standard value system, the Umaniterrism. Each Grand Lodge will manage its internal affairs concordant with the Umaniterristic Philosophy and meet the fundamental objectives of the Order as each the local needs calls for. Developing The Temple of Humanity is a worldwide task; as a concept, it has no borders.   

Members – Umaniterra Masonic Order reaffirms its desire that men and women worldwide be entitled equally to benefit from social justice. Will be admitted as future members, as brothers and sisters, who knock on the Umaniterra Temple Door and will prove worthy. Those persons of honor, of character, capable of supporting themselves, capable of allocating and sharing knowledge, patience, personal time, material, and financial resources, will be admitted for initiation into the mysteries of Universal Masonry and Umaniterrism. Those who desire to dedicate themselves to the noble cause of building the Temple of Humanity as a legacy to future generations will be accepted as the materialization of the Master Architectural Plan (MAP) of the Great Architect of the Universe, God.

Prompt communication and physical presence – It is expected, as all living entities do, much more so intelligent beings, that members communicate promptly and efficiently. Also, they are expected to do everything possible to prioritize the Umaniterra Masonic Order call for meetings and be physically present as necessary.

Respect all nine Deoclavis points – All members must learn, deeply understand, and live by the teachings offered by the Devine Matrix Deoclavis to assure harmony in our construction. Therefore, all nine primordial Egregores shall profoundly become part of everyday life in Temple or not. The achievements of each member are based on personal implications within our Order activities and in everyday life.

The Egregores are: 1) Resonance, 2) Recognition, 3) Resource, 4) Ration, 5) Respect, 6) Responsibility, 7) Reciprocity, 8) Recommendation – Recompensation – Rewarding, 9) Regeneration – Reproduction – Recycling – Production.

Natural Justice will be expressed in our decisions, actions, and results—a Justice aimed towards the Supreme Truth. It is a Justice that will pave our way to a more sustainable, durable, stable architecture of the Creation, as the Grand Architect of the Universe intends. 

Ordo ab Chao

Unity through diversity – Men and women are fraternally united without distinction on social or ethnic origin, philosophical opinion, or religion. The Umaniterra Masonic Order uses a ceremonial and symbolic method of working through which its members build The Temple of Humanity towards perfection and sustainable progress of humanity.

Trade guilds – The members of the Umaniterra Masonic Order community relate in a lucrative way in all aspects, based on their professional qualifications and interests, are organized to participate in specific activities such as their skills to improve and the results of their efforts to pay off as efficient as possible given the commonly achieved spiritual values, Umaniterra teachings, and Deoclavis guidance.

Conduct and behavior – At the Umaniterra Masonic Order gatherings or invited by other obedience, all members will do everything possible to maintain harmony guided by the common-sense social rules improved by Deoclavis guidance and Umaniterra teachings and recommendations. In general, but more so in public, members will refrain from excessive food consumption and alcoholic beverages for their health and reputation.

Family values and parenting are crucial Umaniterra issues. Members will emphasize healthy, harmonious family relations, assuring a lovely climate for themselves and their children. The education of their offspring is essential. Parents will ensure proper child conduct. Parents will provide good alimentation to their children to prevent malnutrition, underweight or overweight (child obesity). Parents will avoid the abuse of technology use by their children. Parents will spend time, as an investment, as much as possible to offer love to their children, care, guidance, and support. As an option, at certain Umaniterra activities, primarily academic and educational thematic, family members will be entitled to participate as they desire.

Physical activities are being encouraged for the health and well-being of Umaniterra members. Regular doctor’s visits are recommended to all our members to detect and prevent the worsening of any possible health problems promptly.

Proper healthy food alimentation is recommended to maintain personal health while having a low carbon footprint on the ecological system. Reducing sugar, salt, and fat intake and consuming enough water is recommended, while calorie consumption shall be within limits recommended by the World Health Organization guidelines.

Refraining from tobacco use and other toxic substances is a strong recommendation.

Limiting alcohol intake to avoid hindering your health, a pleasant presence and proper communication is a mandatory requirement strongly enforced by the Umaniterra Masonic Order.

For the safety of our members and population and the reputation of our Order, it is prohibited to drive any vehicle while under the influence of substances that limit the ability to drive.

The Umaniterra Masonic Order’s purpose is the search for truth. The Order rejects dogmatism. All the subjects and scientific claims in our published texts are open to discussion among our members, brotherhood, and the general public.  In Lodges, the discussions and debates on social issues are for members’ enlightenment. Therefore, through a fuller understanding, it will make it possible for them to fulfill their duties as Freemasons, building the Temple of Humanity and meeting the objectives of the Order.

Disinformation – The Umaniterra Masonic Order rejects any behavior that leads to disinformation, propagating messages and information out of their original context. Misleading information is considered as being immoral.

False and unsupported promises and encouragements – The Umaniterra Masonic Order rejects any behavior that leads to empty promises to its members and candidates to the Order. Misleading promises are considered as being immoral.

Engaging in immoral activities during physical gatherings, virtual meetings, and discussions on social media is prohibited. Members will refrain from gossiping on sexual issues and debates on the private lives of brothers, sisters, or non-initiated non-members.

Non-secrecy – Umaniterra Masonic Order discourages its members from hiding from the fact that they are “umaniterrs.” It is optional to make it public or not. It is strongly encouraged to take responsibility for being a member of Umaniterra and to take pride without exaggeration. Freemasonry, much more so “umaniterrism,” must convey that we all have good intentions and work as one towards the betterment of humanity. There should be no shame or that.

Recognition and relations with other obedience – The Umaniterra Masonic Order will enter mutual recognition with other Grand Lodges in harmony with our philosophy, principles, and Constitution.

The video recorded at The Masonic Hall, Singapore, presented here, is an invitation argument to all Grand Lodges of the two hemispheres to get united based on “unity through diversity” and an encouragement to bring significant changes in their Constitutions.

 “The Freemason’s Constitution of the 3rd Millennium and after,” – revised from the ancient and accepted, and built to serve the temple of humanity’s sustainable edification may be considered and adopted, eventually adapted to the needs of each Grand Lodge’s, and applied to bring all freemasonry brotherhood together in harmony. United we will be strong and grow.

Deus Meumque Jus



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